Saleable Returns Verification for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Respond quickly to unanticipated verification queries for saleable returns and suspect product investigations coming from known and unknown downstream supply chain partners. Provide serial number, NDC (located within the GTIN), lot, and expiration date. Deliver responses in sub-second timeframes to prevent delays in trade partners' returns processes.


  • Support DSCSA compliance requirements of downstream trade partners. Be prepared to respond to verification queries for saleable returns and suspect product verifications.

  • Improved visibility. Gain greater visibility into the restocking processes of your distribution customers and other unknown entities that purchase and use your products.

  • Augment product status with additional information. Engage with the verification requester to determine if there is value in providing information beyond basic product status, such as when the serial number, expiration date, lot, and GTIN match but the product is under a recall.

  • Precise audit trails. Retain a record of the query and response for future reference, particularly in meeting DSCSA requirements to furnish verification evidence upon request.


Product Information Manager
Product Information Manager provides a secure way to share information throughout the supply chain with both direct and indirect partners. Using the verification capabilities of Product Information Manager, manufacturers can share serial number information and make it available for verification by their trading partners. Manufacturers upload their serial number data into Product Information Manager. Product Information Manager will be able to respond to verification queries originating from within the TraceLink network, as well as verification queries from an external Verification Routing Service (VRS).

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