Saleable Returns Verification for Wholesale Distributors

Submit verification queries to upstream suppliers for saleable returns and suspect product investigations. Verify serial number, NDC (located within the GTIN), lot, and expiration date to data contained in the manufacturer's system of record. Receive responses in sub-second timeframes to prevent delays in the returns process.


  • Meet DSCSA compliance requirements. Ensure that you are ready to verify serial number information with the manufacturer before restocking a returned product.

  • Improved visibility about product status. Receive additional information beyond the validity of a product, such as when a product is valid but under recall by the manufacturer.

  • Precise audit trails. Retain a record of the query and response for future reference, particularly in meeting DSCSA requirements to furnish verification evidence upon request.


Product Information Manager
Product Information Manager provides a secure way to share information throughout the supply chain with both direct and indirect partners. Using the verification capabilities of Product Information Manager, wholesalers have permissioned access to query serial number information from manufacturers and will receive sub-second responses for all verification requests. Product Information Manager will support distributors in performing verification queries — from within the TraceLink network or when using an external Verification Routing Service (VRS).

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