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Master Data Sharing

Share product and location master data with supply chain partners. Automate the distribution of master data to ensure that all trade partners have the most up to date product and location master data. Control access to master data by product code and trade partner type. Provide application programming interfaces (APIs) so that master data can be integrated with the master data system of record or other business systems.


  • Eliminate manual master data distribution. Automate the distribution of product master data across the supply chain.

  • Improve customer and partner satisfaction. Maintain strong business relationships by proactively making product and location master data available to customers and partners.

  • Establish security and control of master data. Control which partner has access to data by partner, supply chain segment, and product.

  • Standards-based support. Support for standards-based master data sharing across the supply chain.


Product Information Manager
Product Information Manager provides master data sharing functionality that enables pharmaceutical manufacturers to share master data for product information as well as company and location data. Product Information Manager provides secure, controlled access to master data for contract manufacturers, repackagers, wholesale distributors, hospitals, and pharmacies. The pharmaceutical manufacturer controls who can request master data and the type of master data that they can receive.

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