Smart Distribution Tracking

Reduce Counterfeiting, Theft, and Diversion for Critical Products

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Securely Deliver Essential Medicines and Devices to the Right Patient at the Right Time 

Counterfeiting, theft, and diversion are huge challenges for the pharmaceutical and medical product industries. And with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, are you prepared to secure the critical vaccines and medicines that will be at greatest risk? TraceLink Smart Distribution Tracking™ enables the secure delivery of pharmaceuticals and medical products by combining Internet of Things (IoT) technology and product serialization to track shipments and detect potential problems throughout your supply chain.

Track Product Movement to Identify Anomalies

Identify disruptions in your supply chain by monitoring product movement among 3PLs, wholesalers, pharmacies, and healthcare provider locations. Quickly make decisions to protect your assets by identifying anomalies through analytics and alerting capabilities.

Safeguard Supply Chain Integrity, Protect Your Brand, and Improve Patient Safety

By creating a supply chain that reliably delivers authentic products, you are protecting your brand in the eyes of trading partners, dispensers, providers, and patients. The ultimate benefit is maximized patient safety and outcomes.

Simplify the Exchange of Product Movement Data with Trading Partners

Aggregate and make sense of data from many disparate IoT devices and partners. Easily start sharing information with your partners on TraceLink’s network, which already supports data exchange among more than 280,000 healthcare supply chain participants.

Begin Your IoT Journey Now for a More Secure Supply Chain

With TraceLink, you can confidently distribute products with a secure supply chain.

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