Supplier Management

External Manufacturing and Distribution

Receive the same insight and information from contract partners as you would from internal manufacturing plants. Have full end to end visibility from purchase order through to delivery provided through a shared collaborative workspace with contract partners. Track key performance indicators across contract partners in key categories such as On-time Delivery, Order Fulfillment Accuracy, and Order Fulfillment Cycle Time.


  • Faster financial reporting for externally manufactured product inventory. System to system integration from contract partners to the pharmaceutical manufacturer automatically records material movement transactions without manual data entry.

  • Manage contract partners as you would internal operations. Provide transactional information directly to your ERP where contract partners are modeled similarly to internal locations.

  • End to end visibility of production processes. Insight into production processes planned and actual start and end dates across material acquisition, production, quality, and delivery.

  • Cross functional collaboration between supply chain and quality. Secure, permission-based workspaces provide linking production processes to quality processes to assess the impact of delays between groups.

  • Accelerate decision making. Reduce time to knowledge by centralizing external manufacturing into a common platform.


Production Tracking
TraceLink’s Production Tracking application provides pharmaceutical manufacturers with visibility into manufacturing and packaging processes at their contract manufacturers. Production Tracking uses TraceLink’s Integrate Once, Interoperate with Everyone™ network architecture to eliminate the need to establish point-to-point integrations with each contact manufacturer. The pharmaceutical manufacturer has full visibility into the production process from material acquisition through to delivery allowing them to manage their contract manufacturers as an extension of their manufacturing processes.

Inventory Monitoring
TraceLink’s Inventory Monitoring application provides pharmaceutical manufacturers with visibility into their inventory positions at their contract manufacturers. Inventory is typically reported daily and includes inventory categories such as Quantity On Hand, Quantity On Hold, Quantity Inspection, and Quantity On Order. In addition to total amounts, inventory reporting is provided at the lot level and lot history balances are captured and available to show which lots are being consumed.

Delivery Tracking
TraceLink’s Delivery Tracking application provides pharmaceutical manufacturers with visibility into when raw materials and APIs arrive at the their contract partners and when finished goods are shipped. The application also provides visibility into when product is received at 3PLs and when 3PLs ship product to customers. In addition to visibility, transactional information can be sent from contract partners and 3PLs to properly record inventory and product movement within the ERP system for proper financial reporting.

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