Supplier Management

An integrated suite of applications providing visibility into critical business processes between pharmaceutical manufacturers and their suppliers and contract partners. Enables pharma companies to manage their contract partners as an extension of their team — ensuring the same level of visibility control and performance across external manufacturing operations that they have over internal production processes. System to system integration, based on TraceLink’s Integrate Once, Interoperate with Everyone™, between pharmaceutical manufacturers and contract partners eliminates manual data entry errors and costly point to point integrations.


  • Integrate Once, Interoperate with Everyone™. Discover, onboard, and integrate to new trading partners through simplified use interface.

  • Near real-time visibility into external manufacturing. Visibility across the production life cycle from order initiation to final product delivery.

  • Secure, collaborative workspaces with partners. Shared views into transactional information as well as unstructured data such as comments and notes.

  • Eliminate non-value added tasks such as data entry. System to system transactional integration eliminates need to manually key in data retrieved from spreadsheets.

  • Link supply chain processes to quality processes. Integrated view between production and quality processes to understand the full impact of delays.

  • Supplier performance alignment. Common set of KPIs between pharmaceutical manufacturer and partners to highlight performance trends.

Use Cases

External Manufacturing and Distribution. Gain real-time visibility into production, distribution, and quality processes at your external partners. Exchange transactional data between partner systems and your business systems without complex, custom integrations.

Quality Management. Collaborate on quality processes, supplier issues, and change controls through a shared collaborative workspace. Rapidly access current status of processes across both direct and indirect suppliers.

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