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Quality Management

Secure, collaborative workspace facilitating the review of quality documents between the contract manufacturer and their pharmaceutical manufacturer clients. Standardized review processes for batch records, change controls, and deviations. Real-time capture and display of key performance indicators and alerts to minimize product delays.


  • Reduce time to release product. Accelerate the batch record review cycle by providing immediate notification to new documents and information that allows contract manufacturer to release product sooner and get paid faster.

  • Share visibility for faster decision making. Consolidated, shared view between contract manufacturer and pharmaceutical manufacturer eliminates delays from data interpretation.

  • Linked view across production and quality processes. Visibility into impacts that delays in quality processes have on overcommitment dates.

  • Reduce time to knowledge. Eliminate time required to find and collect information by centralizing data into a common platform.


Quality Management
TraceLink’s Quality Management application provides contract manufacturers with a collaboration platform to exchange batch record, change control, and deviation documents with their pharmaceutical manufacturer customers. Provides notification to all stakeholders when new documents and comments to documents are created. Tracks key performance metrics including Right First Time and Batch Record cycle time by supplier and supplier site.

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