JAC is the UK’s leading solution provider of medicines management solutions in over 100 Trust sites in the UK and 13 leading hospitals across Europe. Its flagship OneMedicinesTM platform draws upon decades of domain expertise and prioritizes patient safety, operation efficiency, and financial sustainability and includes JAC EPMA (web-based Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration), JAC CMS (chemotherapy management) and JAC Pharmacy. Together they create an integrated workflow with easy links to PAS, EPR, ADT, financial and other related applications. JAC also supports industry-mandated digital transformation initiatives and leads the way in defining interoperability standards for community and regional data sharing. Both JAC and WellSky BV (CMS specialist), are wholly owned subsidiaries of U.S. based WellSky (www.wellsky.com).  Collectively the organization is the largest global provider of hospital-based pharmacy, e-prescribing, CMS and blood management technology.

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