Sequoia is a high-performing team of experienced subject matter experts coming from a variety of life sciences backgrounds. Sequoia offers technical, professional, and construction services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and diagnostic industries. We provide support in quality/regulatory, software implementations and QA, project/program management, engineering, analytical, auditing, technical writing, and more. Our team of 100+ experts partners with your business to reduce risk, bring efficiencies and solve the most challenging issues from product definition and process controls to verification & validation. Whether you need one of us, or a whole team for a large implementation, you’re tapping into a network of well-connected experts to support your project. We offer fast, reliable and cost-effective solutions with proven results. Working with companies from start-up to large global biopharma – and everything in between, Sequoia successfully supports hundreds of projects at client sites around the globe. We work collaboratively with our clients toward a common goal: to support your success in bringing better, safer treatments and technologies to the patients who need them.

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